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Step-by-step Guide to Overcome Fear and Self-intimidation to Write Your First Blog Post Today

This is what I read somewhere... and I couldn't agree more. No one is born a writer. You have to be-come a writer.   Immediate Challange Let's talk about your immediate challenge at this moment. Which is to write...or start writing. I have 3 comforting thoughts for you. There is no reason to get intimidated. If you are going to write right now, it's going to be just for you and not for

Procedure to Create Your Own Blog Right Now. in Next 10 Mins(in just 4...

Now is the time to- Start Flying. Create something tangible out of your imagination. You need your own Blog Website so you can start writing. And You need to know is that creating a blog is super cheap! Here are the things which you would need to start your own blog.

How to Write Your Own Blog Part -1: Is Blog Writing for Me?

  Is Blog Writing for me?  This is the basic question that comes into your mind if you have not done any serious writing before. I asked...

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