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Is Blog Writing for me? 

This is the basic question that comes into your mind if you have not done any serious writing before.

I asked this question over and over again to myself before I started writing. I realized that the key to the answer to this question is the action that was taken as a reaction. The reaction was the response to the anxiety I was feeling because of the repeated self-questioning. Equally true is the fact, that had I not picked up the pen and started writing, I wouldn’t have realized that, in fact, I can write!

Now, you may think this is crazy. What do I mean by stating I started writing? on what subject or topic?

You know what at the very initial stage, it does not matter what do you write. If you just write something meaningful as a result of your thinking, that would do the wonder to your belief system.

Can I really right, I mean, seriously?!!!

Let’s just think about it further.

Few Questions –

  • Do you have anything you strongly feel about?
  • Passion for something which is close to your heart?
  • Is there something in the sacred corner of your heart which you never revealed to anyone.
  • Do you have expertise in any subject?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you should seriously attempt.

Blog Writing is the way to go in today’s age. You can create your own blog in the next 10 mins.

I have a few more arguments to convince you to start your blog writing.

If you can write the email, you can do a blog writing. Believe me, it’s as simple as that. Do you remember writing a long email on some serious issue to your friend or a family member? If you have done so in the past, you can do it now.

Ok…Think about all the successful bloggers. And read a few blogs. Do you think they were all expert writers from the start? Do you not think they struggled at the initial stage?

They sure did. Everyone struggle initially. But the persistent effort has made them what they are now. It’s just about taking the challenge and putting your thoughts on the paper!

So Start writing NOW!


Writing something meaningful, sharing it and getting the feedback is such a majestic feeling!  


People write a blog for any of the following reason.

  • For the social, political or environmental cause
  • Making money
  • To show off to the world about their expertise
  • Helping out others with the expertise on a particular subject
  • To write as a hobby

What if I can’t write?


We are blessed that we live in a wonderful age where if someone wants to write and publish the work, the cost is super low. You can check out by clicking on this link.

So if you try and don’t get the success you won’t lose a lot.

As against that there is a tremendous upside to the idea. You may not know how your subject and presentation will be perceived. If you think there is just a little chance of being successful, that should be your starting point!

You may become an authority on your subject. You won’t be able to know unless you find a way to present your ideas to the world. Your own blog is a great way to show to the world what you are thinking.



blog writing
Write your mind


What may happen if you start writing a blog?

These are some benefits if you start writing your blog. After serious blogging for sometimes, your life will be changed in one or more of the following way, because you would be a changed person!

  1. Blog Writing makes you more thoughtful about everything you do.
  2. You’ll start seeing things and activities surrounding you in a different light, more purposeful light.
  3. It’ll no doubt increase your writing skills.
  4. You’ll start motivating others.
  5. Even if you don’t make a lot of money, you would make some.
  6. You’ll become charged up person as a result of satisfaction drawn out of positive feedbacks from your work.

How much can I make from Blog Writing?


My advice to you at this stage is not to read too much into the monitory benefit. The reason is if you come to know a particular blogger is making $100,000 per month, your immediate thought would be that “oh, I am not going to be like him ever”. Which is in a way a discouraging thought. Isn’t it?

I’ll give you some numbers to get you some idea how much you can potentially earn.


Some good to moderate income earner blogs











As you can see, all of them started with a moderate income. Everyone has gone through a learning curve. You, too, are going to go through the same process.

Income of some of the wildly successful blogs


At this stage, my suggestion to you is to concentrate on your passion for your subject! Rest of the things will fall into the place as they come your way.

Being a Real Estate person, I always like to think in real estate terms. This blog is going to be your virtual real estate, your own place, where you’ll live and breathe your dreams and show to the world who you are!


It is amazing how quickly you can create your own blog and start writing today. Its so simple and would cost you just so incredibly little! Click Here

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