Step-by-step Guide to Overcome Fear and Self-intimidation to Write Your First Blog Post Today

This is what I read somewhere… and I couldn’t agree more.

No one is born a writer. You have to become a writer.

Immediate Challange

Let’s talk about your immediate challenge at this moment.

Which is to write…or start writing.

I have 3 comforting thoughts for you.

  1. Your deadline, in your mind, is to start your writing effort today. The deadline is not to finish your first blog post today!
  2. There is no reason to get intimidated. If you are going to write right now, it’s going to be just for you and not for someone else to read.  Write good or bad, no one else is going to scrutinize. so why do you worry? Just get on with it.
  3. If you are afraid that you are going to have difficulties in collecting your thoughts and putting it down on the paper, it means you are having very low expectation towards your own writing at this point in time. When you have a low expectation, there is a possibility that you would come out with the result that is better than what you expected. Believe me, that’s what’s going to happen. You’d be just fine.


Now let’s talk about the challenge of- actually writing.

Deal with your wild monkey…Your Mind

Our mind is like a wild monkey which is, at times, difficult to tame. It would give you all kind of excuses not to face the immediate challenge and run away from the situation. It would keep reminding you of your other immediate task in your life. Your mind would bring up all kinds of theory why it’s not a good idea to write, right now. It is important to acknowledge this playfulness of our own mind. Fight with your monkey. Write in your diary, you are not going to give in to the flirts of your mind. Make yourself answerable to your own challenges. Keep reminding yourself you are not giving in to your monkey.

Your mind would give you all the excuses not to write your first blog post
Tame your monkey, your mind

As soon as you take the first step and write your first write-up, you’ll immediately see the diminished power of your monkey! It’s like you have shown something to your monkey who is afraid of it. Once you take a 2nd and 3rd step, you’ll start feeling energized by the thought of writing.

I have experienced this phase and my resolve was to sit on my desk and visit and re-visit this challenge 3 times a day. My challenge was to write at least 10 sentences on any subject. I had my subject of real estate investment and landlording and I was able to successfully write each time. I am quite sure you would have your subject and you would sure write something, anything. Also remember, at this stage, you can write about anything, everything whatever you like.


Once you write few sentences, You would feel like conquering the world!

And believe me, if you overcome this initial hurdle, you would start feeling inspired to write.

Some More Challenges

It’s not enough to overcome just initial hurdles. Remember your monkey may be a bit subdued by your initial success, but its still alive. After the rush of emotions with initial success, it’s important to keep kicking. It’s natural to feel relaxed. but remember this is just a beginning.

So start writing. Think about the subject. Expand the idea into small topics and stories.

And start writing.

I have 2 suggestions for you to carry forward the momentum.

  1. Whatever you write, now is the time to show it to someone. Try to share it with your confidant. Everone has someone who he or she can trust, would always be supportive. Share it with someone who, you think, would give positive feedback whether write-up is good or bad. Someone who always want you to be successful.
  2. Because you are energized now, you’ll feel flooded with so many thoughts and ideas about your subject. When you are doing your daily activities like taking a dinner, working out at the gym or taking a bath, You’d keep getting ideas. Prepare yourself to note down everything in writing. Make a habit to remember important thoughts. Keep a small diary handy or write on your smartphone. Whatever ideas your mind is churning, don’t miss out on anything. You would have a chance to expand them into writing later on.

Don’t lose the momentum

Remember it’s up to you whether you convert your energy into something tangible or you lose the momentum.

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In either case, do not forget to keep the record of what you have written, few sentences or the whole page. It’s not at all a good idea to lose the momentum. However, if that happens, and if you are to re-visit after few days, you have to have all the records of your previous work intact. That’s the idea.

I took few months to settle with the final decision that now, in fact, I am going to go ahead with my Blog. But the attempts which I made in the initial stage, were all recorded in the drafts of my unpublished blog website which helped me recollect everything I thought about my Blog while I was wondering in skepticism.

Along the way…

Once your nerves calm down, and you have started writing, you are required to have some logical process in your mind how you are going to go about.

At this point, you don’t know what is going to be the end result. You’d have blurred vision of how your Blog is going to be. You’d have some ideas for your niche market. However, you’d not know the exact way and direction to proceed.

But It’s good to have it that way. This is a developing process.

Everyone would have a different thought process to go about in such situation.

Here are my thoughts which may help you find your direction.

Publish First


  1. To give a shape to your vision.
  2. To give credibility and seriousness to your dream.
  3. You’ll be filled with additional enthusiasm because of the colourful presentation of your blog website.
  4. It’ll make you answerable to your own self from this point onwards.
  5. From this point onwards, whatever you write, would be as a draft in your blog post and every word will be saved.

Yes, that’s true. I have explained in detail how you can publish your blog right now …right today in the other post. You can check it here.

You are writing for others to read

Slowly and gradually, this fact would permeate into your psyche that you are going to write for others to read. It’s not the same as writing an email. The ‘others’ constitutes an unknown people who would willingly visit your blog website and read what you have to say.

You have to make conscious effort show yours expertize on the subject. Try to create a chain of words that can explain your point of view.

There is no other way but to write and keep writing if you want to produce the result. Eventually, you would learn to create the narrative out of thin air and put to gather the words into sentences.

That’s when you are ready to write your First Blog Post!

Research Your Topic before starting to write your first blog post

No one can claim 100% knowledge on any subject. Start researching your subject. Start reading all kinds of things. Read about your subject and related subjects. Find books on Blogging, about how to write. Read quotes. Have a look at competitors’ blogs. Search google for different keywords of your subjects. Fill your mind with all sorts of information.

Your own thought process will start natural interactions with the new information which you’d feed to your mind.

Remember, the concept of Blogging is to present your own perspective to the world. There may be a thousand Blogs on the same subject. But all including you, have a unique way to see the things. Don’t you agree?

Enhance your thoughts

This is how you can learn to expand your thoughts.

Take any article and start reading it with critique’s point of view. When we read, we have a natural process of analyzing what’s going in our mind. We may agree or we may disagree. We may love what writer has to say or we may feel disgusted and so on. Write your analysis on each significant point of this article. Write your point of view.


With some serious practice, above suggestion would trigger something inside you that would help you find your path to your first blog post and eventually to successful blogging.

One final thought

Like I mentioned in one of the posts, imagine this is your virtual home on the internet. You’d have to build it by your own hard work. You have to fight tooth and nail to make it beautiful!

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A Very Good Luck!




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