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To write a Rental Advertisement to publish online is not the rocket science. We are going to have detailed discussion of the process so you can start writing the rental ads by yourself. You also have an ocean of resources available to learn from, in today’s internet age. Landlords need to learn this skill as online rental ads are the most popular way to find the tenants.

At the end of this article, I’m sure you would feel quite confident about writing your first rental ad.

Mental work prior to writing the Rental Advertisement

This is the mental work you should do prior to the actually writing your rental ads. If this is the first time you are renting out your place, it’d seem like a hard work as you are still wondering in the skepticism. Once you are an experienced landlord, this part would come very easy to you.

Approach your project with a clear understanding

Your purpose is to write an ad to entice a good tenant to pick up the phone and call you to inquire. There may be huge numbers of tenants out there looking for the place to rent. Out of all those, many tenants would have good credentials and many with not so good credentials. Your purpose to write the ad should be to attract tenants with only good credentials. You have to strike that balance in writing the rental advertisement. I’ll show you how to do that in the later part of this blog post.

Locate the top points of your property beforehand

Every property has something good to offer. Period. Think about the different features of your property. Location, size of the rooms, comparable rent, balcony, patio, recent upgrades, backyard, proximity to school or garden and so on. Most of the properties have multiple excellent points to show off. If you think your property does not have any good point, I’d suggest you can still make all the room clean and tidy from the inside, or apply a fresh paint. Or you can reduce the rent amount compared to the competition. My point is that this idea of the top points should be pre-thought before you start writing your rental ad.

Pay attention to Visual Elements

1. Headlines

2 Important things to remember here,

The Headlines of your ad should be attention-grabbing. And it should highlight the main feature of your property. I’ll show you a simple example –

Word 'breathtaking' is targeted to excite the human emotion
Word ‘breathtaking’ grabs the attention immediately, would get the Click!

You can easily see the 2nd line would get more clicks because of the word ‘Breathtaking’.

I’d suggest you go to any rental ads website and try to see what kind of ads you, yourself tend to click. Be objective. Try to find comparables which you thought you could easily skip. Try to see why that headline would not get a click. Even if you are completely novice, it’s not difficult to pick up this knowledge. With some homework, you would be able to appreciate the use of enticing words like ‘Great’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Superb’, ‘Outstanding’, ‘Impressive’, ‘Remarkable’ and so on. The list can go on and on.

When you actually write, keep in mind, the Headline is the face of your ad that would show up first. To see the full rental ads, the prospect or visitor has to click on the headline. Actionable verbs also work great in Headlines. Like ‘Come, Take a look’ and ‘Check out for yourself’.

Examples –

$2200 – 3Bed/2Wash House in Excellent locality Heavenly BackYrd enjoy Summer Evenings!

$2700 – 1bed/1WR Condo in DwnTwn core, All Inclusive Utlty, Best for Working Couple, Stylist Living! Click Here

Are you going to skip this ad? Your next dream home is waiting for your occupancy! Check out here

A particular mention of ‘YOU’ is worthwhile here. This is an old school method of marketing. When headline contains the word ‘You’, ‘Your’ or ‘Yours’, it always picks the curiosity of the reader. Hence, more likely to get a click!

2. Photographs

Photographs should be full of light. Turn on lights and open curtains. That’s rule number One! Take pictures of all the major rooms. Include clean and tidy corners of the rooms. Don’t forget very important pictures of the bathtub, toilet and the kitchen platform. Your rental advertisement should have several photographs.

The quality of the photographs does matter. You don’t have to hire a professional but preferred. If the rent is a higher amount, professional photographs would add value that can be recovered by the higher rent. However, the photos should properly be angled and bright. Post the photos in an orderly manner. By which I mean, don’t post bathroom photograph first. You can post in the order of living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, patio likewise. Having said this, if you have an exceptional view from your balcony or patio, you can break this thumb rule and place that photo as your main one! Also include surrounding of your property, if there is any highlight like garden or lake available. Whatever you think worth adding, you can add.

Photographs make a big difference
Professionally taken photograph stands out! Grabbs attention and gets clicks

3. Layout

Once the prospective tenant clicks on your advertisement from the list and comes onto your ad, if the layout of the ad write-up is not easy to read, the prospect will immediately leave. We’ll see one example –


Better way to write rental advertisement
Layered write-up easy to grasp the info


Now, check out this rental advertisement –

Rental Ads wrote in this manner difficult to follow and information difficult analyze quickly.
Rental Ads wrote in this manner difficult to follow and information difficult analyze quickly.

Detailing Element

As soon as the prospective tenant read your advertisement, he or she should pick up the phone and contact you. Isn’t that the primary goal of your ad? To achieve that, you don’t have to write the whole page giving all the details. If you check out some rental ads on the websites like Craigslist or Kijiji, You’d find about half of them are full of long sentences with all sorts of detail. Most times, the visitors go away from those pages after reading few lines. It’s not the right way. At the same time, ads should not be very limited in the describing what you have to offer.

4. Top Layer – What to highlight

In first 2 or 3 lines, You have to describe highlight of your property. Remember one thing. The prospect has clicked the headline of your rental ad and has landed onto your full ad. Which means there was something in the headline that has clicked somewhere in prospect’s mind. So the top layer information should relate to the highlight of the headline. If you don’t feed to the curiosity of the prospect, he or she would be disappointed and immediately run away!

Lakeview from Balcony! Beautiful Surrounding awaits you! See it to believe it!

Recently Renovated Spacious Kitchen/ Breakfast space with Big Easterly Window to enjoy Morning Coffee!

5. Middle Layer – General details

Give all the relevant details of the property in the middle body. I’d say you should take about 5-8 lines for this details. Be specific and concise. Do not write a long essay. My suggestion to you is to read at least 10 rental ads from your competition. You’ll have enough experience to start off.

6. Bottom Layer – Rent Amount, Contact info and Red Flags

Essentially there are 2 parts of this element. First is rent amount and your contact information. Usually, rent amount will have to be shown separately in the ad creator. But it’s good to show again in the bottom element. These days, I see many Rental ads with ‘text only’ contact message. However, my personal preference is telephonic talk. The reason being, you may be able to talk more by asking many questions. You can also let the prospect know what are you are looking for and what are your priorities in detail saving your time. Text or email serves very little purpose for the first contact and leads to longer tenant screening process.

2nd part of this bottom element is showing the red flags to ‘not so desirable prospects’ based on the priority you want to set for the use of your property. Decide what you are going to allow and what you are not going to allow.  Some examples are as follows –

Smoking inside strictly Prohibited

Income proof required

Attach your recent credit report with credit score with application


These cautions will stave off ‘not so desirable’ tenants, which you don’t want. It’ll save lots of your time and energy.

I hope I’m able to give enough detail for you to start writing your first Rental Advertisement Now!

Thank you for taking time to visit my Blog!

Good Luck!




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