Smart Landlord Tool: ‘Good Tenant Letter’ while the Tenancy is Ongoing

I am going to show you how a landlord can use one FREE tool called ‘Good Tenant Letter’ to his or her advantage. But before you read the sample letter, let’s have some discussion to better understand the issues at play here.

Good Tenant Letter
Good Tenant Letter

Contentious Landlord and Tenant Relationship

There are 2 ways to look at the landlord and tenant relationship.

One way is that the relationship is similar to the relationship between a husband and wife! Both the landlord and the tenant walk on a tightrope to maintain the status quo just as in a marriage, 2 individuals keep working to maintain good faith.

The tenant occupies the landlord’s premises and pays the rent on time. The tenant has to keep obeying the lease conditions. The landlord collects the rent and responsible for providing peaceful enjoyment of the property to the tenant. The landlord also maintains the property and takes care of any repairs.

The onus lies on both of the party not to break the rules of the landlord and the tenant relationship.

There is another way to look at this relationship.

The landlord has more at stakes here. So The landlord’s approach should be more proactive for the relationship to work in his or her favour. The smart landlords understand the importance of not only maintaining a normal relationship with the tenant but always remain mindful how to have a good relationship with their tenants.

Use a Very Human quality of Gratitude to your Advantage

Who does not like to be appreciated? You tenants are only human. You should communicate to them that you acknowledge their good behaviour. And that you are happy that they are keeping good care of the occupied property. They are going to love it.

My suggestion here is to give them something tangible. It may trigger their sense of gratitude as well. Your kindness of showing your appreciation would go long way!

Good Tenant Letter while the tenancy is ongoing

While the tenancy is ongoing, you can write a letter to your tenant, listing the things which they have done to remain in good standing with regards to lease conditions.

This is one smart tool available at the landlord’s disposal. It has the potential to create a long-lasting good faith. It’s a form of appreciation that will have a wonderful effect on the tenant’s psyche. Your tenant would love you for this. Your good tenant may get inspired to do even better for you! It may inspire them to take an extra leap towards maintaining a good relationship with you like –

  • Pay the rent on time
  • Keep the occupied property clean
  • Start saving on the energy use
  • Report any potential problem of repairs or wear and tear
  • Report any wrongdoing by another tenant

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The Sample letter




Subject: Report of your good standing with us

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thanks You!

This is to inform you that you have met with all the terms of your lease agreement during the period of last _______ months. We very much appreciate your good standing with us. The copy of this favorable report is made available to you for your records.

The lease obligation successfully met:

1. _______ Rent paid in full each month
2. _______ All payment received in time or prior to the due date
3. _______ No complaints of any sort by neighbors
4. _______ No unauthorized guests reported
5. _______ All utility bills paid( which are your responsibility)
6. _______ No unreasonable excessive use of any utility reported
7. _______ No unauthorized pets reported
8. _______ No unauthorized vehicles parked
9. _______ No smoking inside the apt reported
10. _______ No property damage
11. _______ No reports or evidence of any illegal activity on the premises

You can provide the copy of this letter to your future landlord or future lenders to get the better deal!

We hope you will remain in the good standing with us as long as you be with us as the tenant!

Good Luck.

Your Sincerely,


Bonus Tip!

There is no rule to how many times in a year you can provide this letter to the tenant, but don’t overplay it. My suggestion is this.

You can write Good Tenant Letter once a year just before a Christmas as a Christmas gift. Usually, people are in a relaxed and positive mood around this time. It may work wonders and would get you the desired results. You may attach a bottle of wine with it!


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Happy Landlording!





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