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Now that you have stumbled upon this page, I am going to tell you a bit about what you’d find on the pages of this blog space.

Central Theme

How to become wealthy by investing in residential real estate and becoming a landlord of buy-and-hold properties, starting from scratch!

That’s what I have done in my landlord career of 9 years. I very strongly believe what I achieved, can be achieved by many many others who can see the Gold! 

To see the Gold now, let’s understand the concept.

But before we take a look at the Concept, I want to have your attention to some numbers.

Some Interesting Statistics of Landlord Population

No clear statistics of landlords population available for the US but as per the Rental Protection Agency website, there are more than 23 millions landlords(including large apartment’s landlords) currently operating as a landlord.

As per the publicly available IRS data, 10.4 million Americans filed income tax returns declaring the rental income in 17 million properties in 2016.

Not much information is available for landlord population in Canada.

However, websites like Craigslist or Kijiji are full of advertisements of small landlords inviting tenants.

The point I am trying to make here is that there are millions of small landlords operating in both the US and Canada, running mom-and-pop landlording operation and successfully building personal wealth!

Now, Let’s understand the concept.

Becoming the Landlord – The Concept

There are many ways to earn in real estate. Becoming a Small Landlord is one of those ways.

This niche of the real estate business constitutes some unique characters. An average Joe can keep working a full-time job. At the same time, can start a small landlording business as a side-gig, working part-time with an affordable investment.

Who are the small landlords? (Also known as Individual Investor Landlords)

The Small Landlords or the Small-time Landlords are those who own and rent out single-family homes or smaller multi-unit residential properties (under 4 units). These landlords are also known as Individual Investor Landlords, Independent Landlords or Mom and Pop Landlords.

How is this different than other landlords?

The small landlords own properties with the smaller value. They are typically in the lower range($200K-$400) compared to other forms of real estate rental properties. 

This lower range of value creates a huge opportunity for a typical hardworking family. The opportunity is to buy multiple properties over a period of time. A typical North American family can keep working towards the goal of buying their 2nd property after realizing the dream of primary home ownership. Buying a primary home with 5% to 10% down payment is not difficult in both the US and Canada. Both the Govts have specified programs assigned to encourage the first time home buyers.

If you live a financially disciplined life and have a reasonably good job, it’s not difficult to create another chunk of down payment every few years. The mortgage lending system, both in the US and Canada, encourages the individual borrower who has a regular salaried job and has good credit. So it’s also not difficult to buy a mortgage for the 2nd property. This process can be applied repetitively to buy multiple properties as per the owner’s convenience and credentials.

This strategy also gets helped by the typical nature of residential real estate which appreciates over time. More often than not, the landlords find themselves sitting on a huge pool of wealth after acquiring few properties. 

I am not saying there is no risk. But then you can’t do business without risk, right? If you are in the wrong real estate cycle, you may face a decrease in value. But if you already have acquired good rental properties with positive cash flow, you may be able to sail out of the difficulties. Historically, the real estate investors have always made profits in the long run.

Landlords’ Full-time presence not required

The landlord can treat the landlording responsibility as a part-time job.

Typically, managing the single-family house(or a condo) or a small property requires the landlord’s attention, but not full-time presence. Usually, the requirement of time will be on as and when basis. If the landlord chooses, the management and maintenance services can be hired. There are different options available for the management.

All in all, this kind of Landlording provides an opportunity for an average Joe to become rich with an affordable investment and with the comfort of not quitting the regular full-time job 

Typically, an owner of a single rental embarks on the way to owning multiple properties in long career span. This is a very popular business niche both in the US and Canada and all around the world.


What else is discussed here?

I’ve imagined this blog as a hangout place for the small landlords and would-be landlords. I’m not sure how far I’d be successful.

But if you believe me, that’s what every real estate investor and landlord do!

Imagining! Seeing a Dream!

Nevermind if your dreams are not achieved. That does not deter you from seeing those dreams, right?

Dream Don't work, Unless You Do
Dream Don’t Work Unless You Do

It’s not just real estate investing and landlording brings you wealth. The success is the wholesome product of your hard work, disciplined and smart decision making, your luck and maybe many other factors. This blog covers discussions on topics like personal finance, how to develop personal skills as well as business skills, cultivating good habits, money strategies, mindset etc.


This blog is not for commercial real estate landlords or Landlords of big residential multi-unit properties with 100s of apartments.

Here are some categories of this blog, just to give you an idea what are we going to take up together. The names are self-explanatory in describing what is discussed in each category.

For the exponential growth in any business, it’s essential to remain in touch with what is going on around you or in the marketplace. The purpose of this category is to keep the reader in relevant real estate market trends and news.


I have also written about how to create a blog. As a real estate person, I’d like to have Virtual Real Estate in the form of the blog. Once your blog gains popularity, you can start getting rent out of it from the visitors by way of affiliate revenue! 

On a more serious note, Here is my reason to suggest you write your own Blog.

Some of the benefits of blogging are as follows:

  1. You’ll be more thoughtful about everything you do.
  2. You’d start seeing things and activities surrounding you in a different light, more purposeful light.
  3. You are going to start motivating others.
  4. You would make money.
  5. You’ll become charged up person as a result of satisfaction drawn out of positive feedbacks from your work.

Do you not think all the above-stated benefits fits well with landlording?

I certainly think so!

So why not blogging right today?!!!

Lastly, Little bit of my introduction and my qualification to write this blog.

I came to Canada as a new immigrant in 2006 and started a new life without any money. Working hard to support our young family of 4, my wife and I lived a careful and disciplined life. In 2010, we purchased our first rental property, single-family home in the city of Toronto. Today, 8 years after buying our first rental, we are very much on our path to retire about ten years earlier than usual retirement age of 65 in Canada.

For this, I am very much grateful to my adopted country Canada!

At present, we own a total of 4 single family homes including our primary residence in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Between these 4 properties, we have roughly gathered a wealth of $800K. I collect enough positive cash flow from our 3 rentals so that both of us work part-time now and relax. This gives us more time to do the things which we ever wanted to do in our life like I am writing this blog! We are hoping to retire in the next 4 years fully.

My purpose of writing this blog is to inspire and empower others. Inspire to take the plunge in the real estate investing if you are still sitting at the fence. And empower you with the knowledge to keep kicking And if you are already into the game.

This blog is my version of what I did and doing along the way. I am sharing my experience, achievements, mistakes everything that I have gone through. It’s my hope the follower of this blog gets that abundance of inspiration to keep kicking and making wonderful real estate decision.



Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog!

Happy Landlording!