A small endeavour persuaded to build wealth, without thinking or foreseeing too much, became a big thing for me in few years.

I am one of the millions of small landlords(Individual Investor Landlord) in North America.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts about how I created my wealth pool from almost nothing. It’s about what I am thinking right now and how I am moving forward. This blog also aspires to build and maintain a mindset which is required to become a small landlord and keep kicking.

Small Landlords are a huge community in the US and Canada. Small Landlords are defined as the owner of single or multiple properties with either one or 3-4 residential units. This is a general description of Small Landlords or Small-time Landlords. My belief as a landlord is as follows.

Small landlording provides an opportunity to the Average American family to become rich or filthy rich in some cases(if you start at an early age) without the big investment and with lesser risk, compared to other business ventures. 

My name is Jatin Naik.

In a span of 9 years, after immigrating to Canada, We(my wife and myself) made a fortune in real estate. We are at a point in our life where we have created a huge portfolio in real estate and other wealth.


Ahh, That’s not a big deal?!! You would think.

Most people know and agree that real estate, in general, appreciates over the time and if you are in good real estate cycle, your acquisition can grow really fast.

So Here is the fascinating part.
Apart from owning real estate, We collect month-by-month rent from the properties which we own and a big chunk of it is positive cash flow.


Jatin Naik
success doesn’t come and find you, you have to go out and get it!


We are at the stage where we are going to retire well ahead of the usual retirement age.


We have an option to create a passive or semi-passive income from our acquired real estate. At some stage, one can easily outsource all the landlording responsibility and just collect rent through the management company.

I do not see any reason why someone else like me can’t do what I did in last 7 years.

One hundred percent of my success is the result of the followings.

  • Mettle or Focus 365/24/7
  • Showing up everywhere on time
  • Living a disciplined family life with both of us employed with the full-time job
  • Spending wisely
  • Saving with the focus for the next venture

This blog is about my spirited experience.

The general path of my real estate success was to buy a single family home(SFH) or investment property with 2-4 units to rent out to tenants. Locate potential areas for improvement. Work patiently towards rectifying the deficiencies, keep looking for the opportunity to increase cash flow and at the same time keep saving money for the next venture. And as and when an opportunity arises repeat the success by buying another property.


Key points why I took this path?

The overwhelming factor and my reality were that I did not have a big investment required to start a big venture.

This path of taking one step at a time and then repeating the success was a low-risk option for me. If you understand North American Mortgage market, it’s easy to buy many small properties compared to start a big business by borrowing big loan at a time.

This was easier and stronger action for me to keep acquiring small investment properties. As at each repeating step, you have more knowledge and experience and financially you would be stronger than before.

Coming back to the point, I wholeheartedly believe anyone can do whatever I did to be successful in Real Estate.

Why is this different than many Real Estate Success Story you would find?

If you are already rich, most likely you would not like the hassle comes with the job of being a small landlord.

But I strongly believe this is one of the best options for getting success in real estate.

If you consider yourself reasonably comfortable in your living expenses, if you are considering a real estate investment to finance your retirement down the road, this place is for you to get inspiration and information.

By sharing my story I intend to assist an aspiring landlord or a small landlord to get inspiration required to either start off his or her first venture or maximize their capacity and earn more and ultimately become less dependent on their mandatory job.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dream! Live the life you have imagined.”