Top Emerging Trends That will Shape Real Estate(USA) in 2019


Emerging Trends Real Estate 2019
Emerging Trends Real Estate 2019
Emerging Trends Real Estate 2019
skyline-Seattle – Emerging Trends Real Estate 2019

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My comment: I found this article very interesting. The Article is based on the Emerging Trends report from a non-profit URBAN LAND INSTITUTE.

The important takeaways are as follows –

In the wake of the moderating real estate market in the latter half of 2019, the report suggests slow down to continue in the real estate market.

Young adults have put off the home buying decision because of unaffordability in the metros. They are looking to buy single-family homes in the suburbs within the metropolitan areas. This trend started in 2016-2017, and it’s continuing.

The landlords of apartments and condo buildings are providing better amenities because of the more competition.

More possibilities of use of artificial intelligence in real estate. ULI report authors suggest that for the real estate industry, AI may offer big benefits for building efficiency and safety, as well as security and property access.

The trend of a renewed focus on sustainability in the wake of a recent serious report on climate change.

The statistics couldn’t be clearer. The United States faces a widespread housing crisis, from big cities to small towns.

Quora link of what others think about the real estate market in 2019


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